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Commandery 472 and Laux 406 welcomes you to our website, the Knights of St John International, Our Lady Queen of Nigeria, Garki, Abuja. Become a member today and join us in our march to paradise with Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour together with our patron saint St John the Baptist

The Commandery and Laux meets every 3rd Saturday of the month.

From the President

Commandery 472 and Laux 406, the first in Abuja Grand Commandery invites all practising catholic men and women who meet the requirements of membership to join us in our duties as soldiers of Christ to individually and collectively propagate and defend the doctrines and teachings of the Catholic Church.

We are proud to wear this uniform and are committed to helping the clergy, to build, develop and protect the church while spreading love and acts of charity for our fellow citizens and our country Nigeria.  Our membership cuts across all strata of society

 Sir James Agbonhese - President

james agbonhese

           Sir James Agbonhese - President

fr madu  Very Rev Fr (Dr) Ralph Madu (Brig Gen)Supreme Subordinate Spiritual Director, KSJI Nigeria

 dan okekenta2 Lt. Gen Dan Okekenta, Supreme 2nd Vice President, KSJI, Charter President, Abuja Grand Commandery

james agbonhese Sir James Agbonhese  President, Commandery 472

julie okolo  Noble Lady Julie Okolo  President, Laux 406


Abuja Grand Commandery Honours Lt. Gen. Dan Okekenta 21 Sept 2014

Grand Commandery Honours Okekenta

Abuja Grand Commandery, led by Brigadier General N.N.N Nwanesi recently honoured the Supreme 2nd Vice President, Lt. Gen. Dan Okekenta at a reception mass at Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro Cathedral, Garki, Abuja on his election to the position at the supreme convention in Columbus, Ohio. Lt. Gen. Okekenta is pictured her with his wife, noble lady Comfort Okekenta, and members of the Grand Commandery after the mass.   

Abuja Grand President Visits Commandery 472 - 17 May 2014

Grand Commandery Visit Commandery 472

The President, Abuja Grand Commandery Brigadier General N.N.N Nwanesi paid an inspection visit to Commandery 472, Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro Cathedral, Garki, Abuja on the 17th May 2014. The Grand President is pictured here inspecting the parade.   

Abuja Grand Commandery Visit Victims of Nyanya Bomb Blast - 23 April 2014

Grand Commandery Visit Blast Victims

Members Abuja Grand Commandery led by Supreme Trustee Major General Dan Okekenta (3rd from right) and President Abuja Grand Commandery Brigadier General N.N.N Nwanesi (2nd from left) paid a visit to Asokoro General Hospital where they met victims of the April 14 bomb blast in Nyanya. The Grand Commandery presented miscellaneous items to the victims and also a cheque received here by the Management of Asokoro General Hospital represented by the Managing Director Dr Ahmadu (left) and Dr Charles Nnodim, Director Finance and Administration (right).   

Easter Charity Visit to ANAWIM Home for the Poorest of the Poor - 18 April 2014

Easter Charity Visit

Members Commandery 472, Rev Sisters in charge of ANAWIM Home for the poorest of the poor, Gwagwalada together with the children of the home pose with items donated by the Commandery during the Easter Charity visit. The photo was taken on Good Friday 18 April 2014 in front of the skills acquisition centre donated by Peter and Rita Callouri and friends from Switzerland.   

Sir Patrick Pillah's Investiture as Papal Knight - 23rd Nov 2013

Papal Knight Investiture

President, Commandery 472 Sir James Agbonhese presenting a gift from the commandery to Sir Patrick Pillah whose investiture as a Papal Knight (KSS) took place in Makurdi on the 23rd November 2013 at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. From left, Sir Chris Okpala (Commander), Sir Emmanuel Achoda, Sir Patrick Pillah (KSS), Sir James Maha, Sir James Agbonhese (President) and Sir Lawrence Okechukwu.   

Commandery 472 & Laux 406 Charity Visit to Kuje Medium Security Prisons

Charity Visit

Commandery 472 and Laux 406 in a Group Photo with the 5 Prisoners Freed from Kuje Medium Security Prisons by the Commandery as Charity, on 29th Oct 2013.   

Preparation for Silver Jubilee Games


Commandery 472 and Laux 406 in a Post Training Group Photo at St Alloysius Primary School, Garki, Abuja on 16th Oct 2013. Led by the Worthy President Sir James Agbonhese (5th from Left) and the Commander Sir Chris Okpala (6th from Left)the Joint Exercise is in Preparation for the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Commandery in November 2013.   

Noble Lady Theresa Obiakor Hosts Fellowship- 18 Sept 2013

Monthly Fellowship

Noble Lady Theresa Obiakor (Laux 406) hosted the monthly fellowship on the 18th Sept 2013 at her residence in Area 3, Garki, Abuja. Sir Ernest Obineme (standing) shares with brothers and sisters the theme topic "Visiting the Blessed Sacrament". Seated far right is the Grand President, Abuja Grand Commandery, Brig. Gen N.N.N Nwanesi and on the left is the President Commandery 472, Sir James Agbonhese.   

Supreme Officers Visit Abuja - 31st August 2013

Supreme Officers

There was a Thanksgiving Mass for the visiting Supreme officers of KSJI, who visited Abuja from the USA at Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro-Cathedral, Abuja on 1st Sept 2013. The Officers from left are, Lieutenant General Thomas Zdanowicz, Supreme Secretary; Lieutenant General Terrence W. McCann, Supreme Treasurer; Ashley Pillah, Cadet Vice President; General Dale Gossiaux, Supreme President and Noble Sister Iris Turner, Supreme Respected President.   

Late Bro DMC Okolo's Requiem Mass

bishop visit

Rev Fr Gokum celebrated the Requiem Mass at Our Lady Queen of Nigeria for Late Dominic Okolo.  

Bidding Bro Okolo Farewell

Okolo Farewell

Commandery 472 and Laux 406 bid Bro Dominic Okolo farewell after the cancellation at Our Lady Queen of Nigeria. Pictured (from left) are Brothers Ken Agbo, Chris Okpala, Mike Esom and the Worthy President James Agbonhese.  

Lenten Retreat 2013

bishop visit

Commandery 472 and Laux 406 during stations of the cross at the 2013 lenten retreat at Our Lady Queen of Nigeria. The retreat master was Very Rev Brig. Gen Ralph Madu.  See Photos

Condolence Visit, Uromi


Commandery 472 and Laux 406 paid the Worthy President, Sir James Agbonhese a condolence visit at his home in Uromi, Edo State over the passing of his father in-law. Members of the commandery are pictured here with the Worthy President (left) and his parents (middle).

Commandery 472 and Laux 406 Observe Lenten Retreat - 14 april 2011

 lenten retreat 2011

Commandery 472 and Laux 406 observed the 2011 lenten retreat at Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro Cathedral, Garki, Abuja. Rev Fr Ralph Madu conducted the retreat. See Photos

Parish Wake Keep in honour of Late Brother John Ezeala - 18 March 2011

 fr ogunrowo with sister ezeala

Commandery 472 and Laux 406 joined Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro Cathedral, Garki, Abuja for the parish wake keep in honour of brother John Ezeala who died on 13th February 2011. His widow (middle) is shown here with Rev Fr Vincentmay Ogunsoro (Associate Priest) and family members after the mass. Fr Ogunsoro celebrated the mass .

Monthly Meeting of Commandery 472 and Laux 406 -February 19 2011 at OLQN Parish

 Monthly General Meeting Feb 2011

Commandery 472 and Laux 406 held her monthly general meeting at Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro Cathedral, Garki, Abuja. From left: Brother Ken Agbo, Secretary/Recorder, Brother James Agbonhese, First Vice President Commandery 472, Very Rev Fr (Dr) Ralph Madu (Brig Gen) Supreme Subordinate Spiritual Director and Noble Lady Georginia Onyeziligbo  President, Laux 406. Brother James Agbonhese chaired the meeting.

Commandery 472 and Laux 406 Attends Deaconate Ordination in St Luke Parish-Kubwa

 deaconate ordination 2011

Commandery 472 and Laux 406 rejoiced with the catholic arch-diocese of Abuja at the deaconate ordination of 11 deacons at St Lukes Parish, Kubwa, Abuja. Rev. Pascal Obineme (standing left of the Arch Bishop) son of Sir & Lady Ernest Obineme of Commandery 472 and Laux 406 was one of the new deacons. His Grace, the Arch Bishop of Abuja Most Rev Dr John Onaiyekan (pictured here with the parents of the new deacons)ordained the new deacons on 2nd January 2011. See Pictures


Commandery 472 and Laux 406 Holds Annual Retreat

Commandery 472 and Laux 406 Pose for a Photo with Rev Fr George    

Commandery 472 and Laux 406 held their annual retreat on 20, November 2010 at Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro Cathedral, Garki, Abuja.  Rev Fr George (pictured left with members of commandery 472 and Laux 406) said mass and moderated the retreat. See Pictures



Commandery 472 and Laux 406 Fellowship, November 17, 2010

 ksji 472 and laux 406 november fellowship Brother and Sister Munachiso Udemadu hosted commandery 472 and laux 406 in the monthly fellowship for November 2010 at his residence in Zuba, Niger State. Brother Bassey James (left) led the closing prayers.  See Pictures




Inauguration of Laux 477, Wuse, Abuja - 26 September 2010

 virginia ihim

The inauguration of Laux 477, Wuse, Abuja took place on Sunday 26 September 2010 at Holy Rosary Parish, Wuse Zone 2, Abuja. The presentation of charter and installation officers was performed by Major General Dan Okekenta, Supreme Trustee. Pictured left is the Charter Respected President, Lady Virginia A. Ihim in her maiden address on the occassion.

See more photos of Commandery 472 and Laux 406 at the occassion

Supreme Convention 2010, Michigan, USA

 commandery 472 and Laux 406 at supreme convention 2010

 The Supreme Convention took place in Michigan, USA in July 2010.

See more photos of Commandery 472 and Laux 406 at the convention

Commandery 472 and Laux 406 Pays Condolence Visit to Damian's Widow

 aguolu and jude

On Saturday 21 August 2010, the commandery and laux paid a condolence visit to Damian's widow, Noble Lady Theresa Obiakor. The President Joe Aguolu (left) led the executive to Damian's home in area 3, Garki, Abuja where he read and handed over the Resolution of Condolence to Lady Obiakor. On behalf of the commandery he presented Damian's sash and cap to his son Jude Chuwuemeka on whose shoulders now lie the expectation of following his father's footsteps.

See Photos


 News - Sir Damian Obiakor laid to Rest 

Sir Damian Obiakor (1940-2010) was laid to rest on the 14th July 2010 in his country home compound at Amesi in Aguata local Govt Area of Anambra State. A long standing member of the Knights of St John Internation who was initiated in 1988, Sir Damian was a founding member of commandery 472 and a Papal Knight, KSS. He is survived by his wife Grand Respected Lady Theresa Obiakor and three children.

Sir Damian devoted his life in service to the church as he was the first catechist of Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Parish.

Damian Obiakor's Resoluton of Condolence by Commandery 472



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